Head Start

Another year has gone by and our admissions process is winding down….hurray! We at Paramount are now busy with helping students complete the necessary after steps to complete their admission process – housing, orientation, immunization, visas and the works. Which obviously means more paper, more researching, more everything!  Since it’s time to depart the Class of 2015 and usher-in the Class of 2016, we are now meeting anxious parents and students and helping them with their queries and concerns on the application process.

This year we introduced Paramount Headstart -a unique service for students of grades 9, 10 & 11 who are beginning their journey on taking the first steps for college admissions abroad. Paramount Head Start is for those who are just  not sure “where to begin!” and also for those who think they “know it all.” Why do we say that? Well, that because if you have been advised to attend a summer school at Ivy League, then you are getting information that could only hurt your admission chances. Did you ask why? If you are showing an ivy-league admission officer that you spent $10,000 or more to attend a summer school – you are showing them that mommy and daddy have lots of easy cash to blow on you and just because they wanted to ensure you have a ‘productive’ summer they decided to make you attend summer school. In the eyes of the admission officer, you’re just

Quoting Richard Shaw (Dean of Admissions) at Stanford University: “It’s not a good idea to engage in something because the student or family believes it will augment their ability to get in.” We at Paramount are always against the idea of doing the “Cookie Cutter Summer School”. So what else can you do to boost your profile? Meet us to discuss and learn more about the Paramount HeadStart Program – A unique service that helps you plan the crucial years of high school.


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