Who Are We

Paramount is not just a brand but also an experience. Since our inception in 2006, Paramount Global has been the market leader in test prep and application perfecting. We have helped thousands of college bound students pursue their educational goals by offering premier services for being accepted into their “dream school”. So whether it is an Ivy League university that you are considering or that fantastic art school that you wish to apply for, we have it all covered. What more? We work closely with your parent’s on completing their financial documentation, helping them apply for financial aid and scholarships so that your college experience is easy on their pockets. We work with you to strengthen your application, your extra-curricular profile and help create a perfect “YOU”. We also partner with schools and guidance counselors worldwide to help provide students with college-readiness, test-preparation and career-planning services. So until you depart for college we are there to overlook all your activities. All you need to do is sit back and work hard on your academics!

Our Vision

We want to help students realize their full potential, ensure they learn to define success on their own terms and engage with them in helping chart a path toward it. We know every child is different, and so is every dream. What we envision is a world where students are informed, where we are able to expand their horizons and help them take their most confident step toward college. Our vision encompasses enhancing testing abilities, helping you find what you love and then excel at it, and ultimately helping you get into your dream college. All we ask is for you to dream big and to fight for that dream – we are always on your team and we’ll help you win that fight!