Why Choose Us

Independent Counsellers advise you the best optionsAn independent counselor can be a welcome and invaluable resource for students and families who recognize that they need more individual attention than school counselors have time to provide. They offer you the experience and skills of a professional, combined with a commitment to meeting the client’s best interests. Sadly most high school counselors in India have no idea about what it is like to study abroad, the anxiety, the process, all this is just new to them. So when it comes to shaping your future they are just inexperienced. They work on hear and say data which might not be always right. Whereas an independent counselor spends hours with the student and family getting to the heart of his or her personality, interests, qualifications, and aspirations. It’s not simply about being accepted; it’s also about being accepted at the program that is the right fit for you.

They spend much of their time on the road, meeting with admission officers, touring campuses, and exploring the programs. Therefore, they have extensive, first-hand knowledge of colleges and graduate schools, big and small, around the country. A counselor will act as your personal guide, interpreter, and facilitator for the entire application process. Working with someone who understands the system can be invaluable during this stressful time. They provide unbiased help. They work for you, not the school, college, or program. By not being affiliated with any institution, your counselor will offer objective help in navigating the endless materials that applicants collect in their search, and in evaluating the pros and cons of each program. A professional educational counselor serves as the applicant’s personal resource in this important decision-making process.