SAT® Prep

Paramount SAT PrepWelcome to the Paramount SAT program, as one of the leading test prep centers in India our program is not just intensive but an eye-opener. We do not believe in short cuts; everything that a student is taught is not dependent solely on strategies but helping them learn concepts and curriculum in its entirety. We believe in true transfer of knowledge and our approach to the teaching process is as such. Through constant research and development of the program over the years, we have arrived at a holistic outlook towards the SAT.

Our tutors have specific strengths that are matched to tackle each aspect of the prep. We are of the belief that no tutor can master both the English and Mathematics and be able to teach both with the same prowess. Therefore, our tutors are not jack-of-all-trades but rather experts in their respective fields.

Our Philosophy

At Paramount, we believe that high scores come through focusing on the student. Our tutors work closely with every student to ensure maximum success. Large classrooms are never conducive for learning and therefore we stress on keeping our batches small in size. This allows tutors to grasp a student’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust the curriculum appropriately to focus on specific areas for improvement. We understand that an open and congenial communication link between the tutors and students is essential and that the best test prep comes not only with material, strategies to memorize but also through a process that focuses on a gaining a deeper understanding of the concepts and augmenting of analytical capabilities. We believe in creating understanding and proper transfer of knowledge.

Our Methodology

We offer 15 intensive and engaging classes of English and Mathematics each. The duration of each class is for two hours and is usually offered over the weekends. This allows students to concentrate on school activities during the week and attend classes at Paramount towards the weekend. Given the rigors that a high school student has to undergo with regard to schoolwork and extra-curricular activities, we try to ease a student’s burden by providing minimalistic home assignments. We want the student to learn as much as possible in the classroom. Students are provided personalized course handouts that are added to their file each week. Our teaching material comes from several sources and much of it is our very own material, which has been conscientiously revised, enhanced and developed over the years.

Customized assignments help in assessing each student’s progress. At the end of the course, 10 full-length SAT mock tests are provided to gain a thorough understanding of the SAT and its challenges with respect to timing, endurance and test taking strategies. This enables in ascertaining how much the student is capable of scoring on the actual exam and provides students with invaluable and crucial experience of taking the SAT.


What is the SAT?

The SAT is a test of mental endurance with a strong emphasis on abstract reasoning and vocabulary. It is a 3 hours and 45 minutes long pen and paper exam. The SAT consists of three main parts namely Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. The Writing section includes a mandatory essay section.

When should I take it?

The best time for students in India to take the SAT is during Grade 11. You will need a good 2 months to prepare thoroughly and so check your yearly academic timetable to understand which time in the year suits you best. Many students take it the months of December or January.

How often does it happen?

The SAT examination takes place just 6 times a year. These include the months of January, May, June, October, November and December. It is held on the 1st Saturday of the month exception being the January SAT which is held on the 3rd Saturday of January. Thus to reiterate students must plan their SAT’s in advance to be able to take them on time and have ample time for preparation.

What is considered a good score?

The SAT is a competitive examination and so the higher you score the more chance you have to being admitted in the college of your choice. A 2000+ total on the SAT is considered to be competitive and helps the students stand a realistic chance of admission into the top universities.

How do I register for the SAT?

The only way to register for the SAT is via the online system. For this you will have to go to CollegeBoard Website and create your account by clicking on Sign Up. Students who have trouble registering can seek our help. (We help only those students who are enrolled with us).Note: when you do Sign up please and we repeat please follow your name exactly as given on your passport! For Indian passport holders, First Name implies Given Name and Last Name implies Surname as on your passport. The Indian passport does not have a provision for Middle Name so please leave that blank while you sign up.

Any Identity Proof required for the SAT?

Yes. Students who wish to take the SAT must have a valid passport. If you do not have a valid passport, apply for one immediately. A Valid passport is a must to enter the examination center and is the only ID that is recognized by the CollegeBoard.

Note: You do not need to have a valid passport at the time of completing the online registration for the SAT, though it is advised that you do obtain one as issuance of Passports is known take longer than anticipated in several cases.

I have heard about the SAT Subject Test, What is this?

The SAT Subject tests are tests given in specific subject areas. These include: Biology E/M, Chemistry, Chinese, French, Latin, Literature, Mathematics Level 1, Mathematics Level 2, Physics, Spanish, U.S. History, and World History. We advised students to take them as well. These test are consist of multiple-choice questions and are 1 hour long.

Does Paramount provide SAT Subject Test Prep?

The curricula for all Subject tests is basic high school level (Mostly grade 10). For example the SAT Mathematics Level 2 does not even contain any calculus. Thus we at Paramount believe that students do not require any extra coaching for the Subject tests. Yes you must prepare and so we suggest purchasing SAT Subject tests books and practicing from them for about 20 days.

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