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In all likelihood you are either getting geared up for preparing for college or are the parent of a student that is beginning this process.  Needless to say, this process can be rather daunting and often leads to much anxiety. Our services and expertise are channeled toward maximizing a student’s potential and ensuring success at every step of the college application process. We have seen various students and parents describe it from being complicated to overwhelming and in certain ways that may be true. Yet, if done in a systematic and novel way it turns out to be the most rewarding.

The Application Perfection Services (APPS) is a highly customized and personalized premier service offered by us. Students and parents both have realized the advantage of working with us in ensuring the college application process is as simplified and least stressful as possible. We work with the student at every step, ensuring that they be accepted into not only their dream university but also a place where their potential can be unleashed to the maximum.

So if you are a student grappling with the admission process, someone with minimal or no idea about it, or a parent who want to get clued in, call us to reserve an appointment. All we ask is for you to have a dream, which is where it all begins.


What all is offered within the Paramount APPS Service?

The service begins with an initial meeting with the student and/or the parent to discuss his/her goals, aspirations and choice of majors. Discussing various aspects such as test scores, high school grades and extra-curricular activity involvement helps us create a profile of the student and gauge where the student stands. Thereafter students are mapped to potential universities that fit to their profile and options are discussed in detail. We work closely with your school’s guidance counseling office in ensuring completion of documentation and making sure correct information is provided to them. We work on making your profile stronger by advising you on activity enrichment. Next comes the actual online forms that we complete and the all crucial and challenging application essays that we give intensive feedback and guidance on. We also prepare you for college interviews, work with your parents on completing the financial documents if you are a non-US citizen or green card holder. Not to forget working with your school’s guidance counseling office to ensure all documentations are intact. The APPS service extends to the point where we help you select that perfect dorm room, give you all the information on immunization and help you get your study visa. Your college application journey is a long one, and rest assured we are there at every single stage.

How is Paramount different compared to other consulting firms?

We have a rich experience in the college counseling process and are the market leaders. Our expertise lies in ensuring that the student is admitted into the best possible university based on his/her profile. Unlike most other consulting firms we do not have a conflict of interest, since most work on a commission model and promote only those universities with which they have agreements to obtain commission on enrollment. We on the other hand, despite having tie-ups with some of the finest universities always put forward what’s best for the student. This basic difference in approach makes all the difference in admission results. We firmly believe in being guided by the question, “What’s best for you?” that is our talisman. Most counselors have half-baked information, which is dangerous and misleading. At Paramount Global we provide you with accurate, comprehensive, clear, and up-to-date information regarding universities and the application process. Our team of counselors consists of people who are constantly traveling and meeting with universities, who have a distinct idea about what each university seeks and who are able to guide students with a combination of commitment and care.

How have Paramount students been placed in the past?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the proof of our success lies in where our students are admitted. Quite frankly we have got our students into the most prestigious universities in the world such as MIT, Stanford University, Cornell University, Oxford University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Dartmouth College, London School of Economics, University of California Berkeley, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, et al. Many of our students have obtained scholarships and aid. Just have a look at a few videos we have posted on our website to hear about it from the students themselves.

Would you help with financial aid and scholarships?

We very well realize that studying abroad is an expensive proposition and so are ready to guide you with financial aid and scholarships are concerned. We help you with understanding and filling up of financial aid forms and help apply to special scholarships.

How do I enroll for the Paramount APPS Service?

Just give us a call on +91-40-23336644/55 to book a time and date of meeting and we can get started. You could also email us your request for a meeting to

When is the best time to meet for Applications?

The simple answer is the sooner the better. The application season commences in June every year with forms being available from August onward, thus it is best to meet us during this time. If you are a high school student we highly recommend meeting us when you are in grade 11 as we can then plan your applications better.

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