Head Start

img-head-startEducation is not just about learning a curriculum; it is about applying what you learn. This is what universities around the world give impetus to. They seek students who are dynamic, who love to ideate and create, who follow their passions, who define themselves as young people with a thirst for knowledge and the spirit of doing. At Paramount we believe what you know should be a result of reading, thinking, analyzing, applying and the resulting experience.

This is the aim of Paramount’s Head Start – to guide you towards your passions, to enable ideas to develop and then be implemented. We are not creating “a simple series of activities”. This is much more than that, we are defining the real you through experiential learning. Head Start helps understand what to do when while in high school. Our counselors share highly pertinent and timely information with you that empowers you to realize your passions. We help build learning networks, get you into programs that matter. This enhances your thinking, outlook and personality. We plan your extra-curricular activities, summer school options, internships, community service, and other innovative projects, all with you in mind. It is not about ticking items off of a checklist; it is about accomplishing things that you truly love and making a difference to both the world around you and the person within.

So meet us to have a chat and lets get started!