PSATPSAT stands for the Preliminary SAT. Simply put it is the ultimate practice tool for students who want to take up the SAT. A large number of Indian students in their high school undergo the SAT examinations every year. There are many who appear for the second time. If you dream about getting into MIT, Harvard, U-Penn, Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago etc. a score of 2000 or more is a must as admissions are highly competitive.

The PSAT exam is specifically meant for students of grades 10 and 11. It allows students to experience the challenge of an SAT exam prior to giving it their best shot. The credibility of the exam lies in the fact that CollegBoard administers it. The papers arrive from New York and are sent back for evaluation. A detailed report is provided to each student who takes the PSAT which thoroughly analysis and dissects their performance.

For students who are U.S. citizen the PSAT has another distinct advantage. It is also the NMSQT (The National Merit Scholarship qualifying test) meaning students who excel in the PSAT are in the reckoning for a National Merit scholarship.

The Advantages of PSAT are:

  • Practice for the SAT
  • Real time SAT® experience from the makers of SAT
  • Acts as a “Dress Rehearsal” for the actual SAT
  • Set by the SAT® Test makers themselves, Papers come directly from the USA and are sent back for evaluation.
  • Understand you weakness and strengths
  • Evaluated by the actual SAT evaluators


When is the PSAT Held?

The PSAT is just once a year ion the month of October. The results of the test are released in December.

What is the curriculum of the PSAT?

The curriculum of the PSAT is essentially the same as the SAT. When a student prepares for the PSAT, what he/she studies does not change.

Are PSAT scores shared with universities?

No they are not and that is the advantage of the PSAT. SAT scores are permanent and several universities can see all your attempts. With the PSAT this is averted.

How do I register for the PSAT examination?

To register for the PSAT contact Paramount Global. We are the official partners of College Board and have been conducting the PSAT or the last 7 seven years in Hyderabad.

When is the best time to register?

Registrations typically start in early August.

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