Paramount is both a brand and an experience. Since its establishment in 2006, we have been the market leaders in application development and college preparation. We have guided hundreds of career oriented students in achieving their educational goals by providing exceptional services for admission into their 'Dream School.' We have it all covered, whether it's an Ivy League university or that fabulous art school!

What else? We work with you to enhance your applications and extracurricular profile to help put your best foot forward. We also connect with institutions and guidance counselors globally to aid you regarding college readiness, exam preparation, and career planning. So, until you leave for college, we are there with you, every step of the way!

We want you to excel, define success on your terms, and chart a road that leads you to the top. We understand that every child is unique, as are your dreams. We envision a world in which you are well-informed and one in which we can help broaden your perspectives. The strategy we adopt involves enhancing your skills, identifying your passions, and guiding you to excel in them; this is all with the end goal to get YOU into YOUR ideal college.

In some exceptional cases, we team up with your parents to prepare their financial documentation and assist them in applying for financial aid and scholarships so that your college experience is cost-effective.

For students and families who understand that they require more particular attention than school counselors can provide, an Independent Counselor can be a necessary and invaluable resource. Independent Counselors provide you with experience and professional skills, as well as dedication for your best interests.

Regrettably, most high school counselors in India have a poor understanding of the procedures, apprehensions, etc. - it is all new to them. They are also responsible for many students and therefore unable to give holistic attention. An independent counselor will spend hours with you and your family to get to the essence of your character, passions, abilities, and aspirations.

It’s not just about being accepted; it’s about being accepted at the program that is the right fit for you. Independent Counselors at Paramount have extensive, first-hand knowledge of colleges and graduate schools, big and small, around the country as they spend much of their time on the road, meeting with admission officers, touring campuses, and exploring the programs. Independent Counselors will act as your guide, interpreter, and facilitator for the entire application process.

Working with someone who understands the system can be invaluable during this stressful time. Because your counselor functions independently, they will be able to assist you in navigating the gathered information, as well as in assessing each program.

Three key elements describe what we stand for and who we are. We call them Pillars of Paramount to emphasize how important the foundation is. In essence, the pillars have specific objectives: to guide you through education to walk the path of self-knowledge, to develop profound individuality; to solidify the spirit of teamwork, build creativity, and to awaken from a young age the knowledge and understanding that an education associated with these three Pillars of Paramount will form pioneers of tomorrow.


The goal of Paramount is to provide an environment in which you study at a high standard. Meaningful relationships must be built in order to do this. Trust is a necessary component of effective relationships, as it is safety, comfort, and the confidence that someone has got your back. It fosters an environment where you can put out your best selves. Building trust is an ongoing process; we are still going at it 15 years down the line. And it's not just about trust between us and you, but between your Independent Counselor and other staff members too. The aim is for us to always have an open and honest conversation about our students, methods, and impact. The persistent concern is, "Is learning taking place here or not?"


Who hasn't heard the adage, "education is the key to success?" With us, here at Paramount, you develop autonomy in thought and effective communication with others. One of the conditions for success is to refine one's educational standing. You might be wondering how effective we are at getting doors opened for you. Quite simply, when we work with you, you gain opportunities to develop skills that assist you in achieving your objectives.

Shivendra Agarwal

Co-Founder & Director

A Chemical Engineer by education and a counselor by choice, Shivendra Agarwal found his academic interests in Organic Chemistry but his career calling in education. He has been a Director since 2007. Shivendra received a degree in Instructional Design Studio and Models of Leadership from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. He is a keen believer in the “Design Thinking” philosophy. He has given presentations (Links) in several institutions in schools across India about the Admissions Process, SATs, and the Advanced Placement program, making students and parents more aware of the options to study abroad. He is a Soccer fan, loves to travel, and is an avid reader.