Pillars of Paramount

Three key elements describe what we stand for and who we are. We call them Pillars of Paramount to emphasize how important the foundation is. In essence, the pillars have specific objectives: to guide you through education to walk the path of self-knowledge, to develop profound individuality; to solidify the spirit of teamwork, build creativity, and to awaken from a young age the knowledge and understanding that an education associated with these three Pillars of Paramount will form pioneers of tomorrow.


The goal of Paramount is to provide an environment in which you study at a high standard. Meaningful relationships must be built in order to do this. Trust is a necessary component of effective relationships, as it is safety, comfort, and the confidence that someone has got your back. It fosters an environment where you can put out your best selves. Building trust is an ongoing process; we are still going at it 15 years down the line. And it's not just about trust between us and you, but between your Independent Counselor and other staff members too. The aim is for us to always have an open and honest conversation about our students, methods, and impact. The persistent concern is, "Is learning taking place here or not?"


Who hasn't heard the adage, "education is the key to success?" With us, here at Paramount, you develop autonomy in thought and effective communication with others. One of the conditions for success is to refine one's educational standing. You might be wondering how effective we are at getting doors opened for you. Quite simply, when we work with you, you gain opportunities to develop skills that assist you in achieving your objectives.